Andy Hilfiger

Andy Hilfiger
Andy Hilfiger

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Fashion and Music Collide
Throughout his entire life, Andy Hilfiger has been surrounded by fashion and music. Following
in the footsteps of his older brothers, Andy immersed himself in these worlds and made a
career of fusing the two.
His first job was at 12 years old when he began selling jeans for his brother, Tommy. Not long
after, Andy moved from upstate New York to Manhattan to pursue music. He spent a decade
playing the New York rock scene with legendary acts, including The Ramones, before rejoining
his brother at Tommy Hilfiger, USA.
At Tommy Hilfiger, USA, Andy created a division for styling and dressing stars of film,
television, and music including The Rolling Stones, Snoop Dogg, The Fugees, Metallica, and
The Who, and many more. He also developed looks and styles for Jennifer Lopez, Britney
Spears, Aaliyah, and Kate Hudson. His Tommy Jeans ad campaigns were known for
featuring stars of music and movies, including the cast of the Robert Rodriguez film, The Faculty.
More recently, Andy styled Mad Men's January Jones and Rosario Dawson in Tommy
Hilfiger's 2009 collection.
After a decade with Tommy Hilfiger, USA, Andy took all of his experience and used it to launch
the Sweet Face Fashion company and the JLO by Jennifer Lopez brand. He helped build the
company to gross 0 million in sales and launched the Glow by JLO fragrance.
Andy Hilfiger's long and varied career has taken him from the stage of CBGB's to the center
of some of the most fashionable companies in the world. His unique experiences have given
Andy a perspective on the worlds of entertainment and branding that have helped him to
reinvent celebrity marketing time and time again. His innovative techniques have set
standards with which competitors have continually raced to keep up.