May Ying Welsh

May Ying Welsh
May Ying Welsh

Al Jazeera English
"Bahrain: Shouting in the Dark"


May Ying Welsh is currently a staff camerawoman, journalist and filmmaker for Aljazeera for whom she has worked on and off since 2003.

At Al Jazeera, May has shot and produced exclusive reports on the US bombing and invasion of Baghdad, the US occupation and Iraqi resistance, the Tuareg rebellion in the Air Mountains of Northern Niger and the Sahara desert of Northern Mali, on the Darfur rebellion from rebel camps in the Jebel Marra mountains of west Darfur, rebel camps in the deserts of Eastern Chad, and from camps of the so-called Janjaweed in North Darfur, on mass rape and mass killings in Southern Sudan, and on the crisis in Northern Yemen during the Houthi rebellion.

May was Iraq cinematographer and field correspondent for the award-winning Sony Pictures Classics documentary on American militarism “Why We Fight.”

She has worked as a Bangkok-based correspondent for Channel News Asia covering regional news, including the 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami from the beaches of Southern Thailand within hours of the event.

She also spent three years working out of CNN’s Rome and Beijing bureaus as a freelance editor and camerawoman covering the siege of Grozny in Chechnya, the 1999 earthquake in Turkey, the US bombing of Belgrade, the refugee crisis in Albania, the Israeli withdrawal from Southern Lebanon, The US-China spy plane crisis, and Papal visits across the world from Poland to Egypt.

May studied Classical Arabic at the University of California- Berkeley and at the American University of Cairo and has lived in the Arab world ten years. She reads, writes and speaks Arabic and considers it key to getting a story and obtaining a deep understanding of it.

Her mother and mentor is the late Asian American documentary filmmaker Loni Ding.