Stanley Bing: An MBA in a Book

Stanley Bing: An MBA in a Book


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Join us for an evening with author Stanley Bing, the alter ego of Gil Schwartz, a senior executive at CBS. Bing has written over a dozen funny and entertaining books on the culture of business, that are packed with good, solid advice and surprising revelations. His column in Fortune has appeared on the mag's back page since 1995 - something of an anomaly in the magazine world. Bing boasts over a dozen books (including two novels). His business books include: What Would Machiavelli Do?, Sun Tzu Was A Sissy, and 100 Bullshit Jobs and How To Get Them. His latest, The Curriculum, is a sharp and practical course of study that he claims will save you a bundle on business school tuition!

Book-signing follows.


Trish Regan

Anchor and Editor-at-Large
Bloomberg Television

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